The Most Advanced Open Architecture in Israel – We offer all our clients, including private ones, a wide variety of best-of-breed investments, such as mutual funds, hedge funds, private equity funds and structured investments. This broad selection of financial products is a key element in portfolio optimization and contribution to obtaining maximum returns on a risk adjusted basis.

Objective Investment Selection – We do not have proprietary products nor are we involved in underwriting or selling group activity. We do not make market or maintain positions in securities. Because of these reasons, our investment decisions are made on an objective and unbiased basis.

Qualitative & Quantitative Screening of Managed Investments – Tandem Capital recognizes the importance of investment management research as the cornerstone of any consulting process. Through experience, Tandem has identified major attributes that are associated with superior and ongoing investment manager performance. These characteristics, both quantitative and qualitative, are gauged using a variety of sophisticated tools and techniques.

Relationships with Many International Financial Institutions – Tandem has partnership agreements with leading financial institutions, which ensure our clients updated financial solutions, diverse research and optimal performance.

Personally Tailored Solutions – The client’s personal asset allocation criteria is defined through a analysis of financial needs, goals, and risk orientation which also contributes to the optimal investment selection process. In addition we offer total financial planning solutions through our wealth management services.

High Level of Confidentiality, Client Service and Safety – Tandem Capital works with carefully selected major local and offshore banks. Accounts are opened with utmost confidentiality in these institutions. You may instruct to have the account titled by your personal name, corporation or through a trust. Through Tandem Capital’s special agreements, the clients’ money remains in their own account while benefiting from reduced bank fees and our management services. Tandem Capital is also capable of working with most banks without requiring prior agreements. Client assets are protected in several ways. The account is always fully owned by the client. The client’s bank of choice is the custodian of the funds. The majority of our clients’ investments are managed funds from recognized asset management houses. Fixed Income investments may include both funds and high quality short to intermediate term major currency debt instruments. The management agreement with our firm authorizes limited third party power of attorney; meaning authorization only to buy and sell in the account (not to transfer funds).Our professional indemnity insurance offers client’s greater peace of mind.

Wealth Management Services – High net worth clients are offered the option of our wealth management services. These services involve analyzing all aspects of client finances and investment strategies and providing a comprehensive solution. Areas addressed include consolidated reporting, cross border estate and investment tax planning, wealth preservation and succession planning, retirement planning, charitable gifting, education funding and cash flow analysis.

Personalized Service – Each client is assigned a dedicated relationship manager to address the client’s special needs