Tandem Capital is a well-established, privately owned investment house that specializes in global portfolio management. Our motto, “your gateway to global markets” is based on our being Israel’s leading firm in managing global investments. Tandem Capital’s unique approach is to provide a personal and quality relationship to our customers. Our experienced staff of financial professionals specializes in the analysis of global markets.

Team Members

Erez Britt
Erez BrittFounder and CEO
Erez brings more than 20 years of experience in the fields of finance, economics and asset management. Erez started his career in the capital markets at Koor Investment House as a Portfolio Manager and Client Relationship Manager. Since 2000, Erez has led the co. Since inception, Tandem capital.
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Ronen Halpern
Ronen HalpernDeputy CEO & Partner, Head of Alternative Services
Ronen brings with him over 15 years of experience in investment management. Ronen’s career in the capital markets began at Modus Selective; part of the First International Bank Group. Ronen managed institutional and private client portfolios and published economic research reports.
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Aaron Leitner
Aaron LeitnerDeputy CEO & Partner, Global Investment Strategist, Head of Institutional Services
Aaron started his career on Wall Street, in 1986, as a Financial Consultant with Shearson Lehman Brothers and later became a Portfolio Manager with Prudential Securities until his return to Israel in 1995.
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Ilan Wolfson
Ilan WolfsonVice President, Head of Portfolio Management
Ilan brings with him over 20 years of investing experience in Israel and Globally. At Tandem Capital Ilan has developed relationships with many international financial institutions around the globe and constructed an ongoing working affiliation with the Private Banking sector in Israel & globe .
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Moshe Katz CPA
Moshe Katz CPAChief Financial Officer
Moshe began his professional career as a senior tax supervisor at the Israeli Tax Authority. In his last position, Moshe worked for a decade as a tax director in the investment division of Clal Insurance company Ltd.; one of Israel’s biggest insurance and investment company.
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Daniel Wasserman
Daniel WassermanHead of Institutional Services
Daniel brings almost 20 years’ of experience in Global Financial Markets. He started his career in the Netherlands as a Financial Analyst for ING Bank after which he moved to Israel and helped setting up Bank Hapoalim’s Trading Room Research Department.

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Dr. Ido Kalir
Dr. Ido Kalir Applied Research Consultant
In Finance from the University of Tel Aviv. Published a number of studies in the field of long-term investment.
Scientific advisor in the institutional market, interest rates, and Shashinsky Committee pension scheme structure.

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Adi Turjeman
Adi TurjemanGlobal Markets Analyst & Clients Portgolio Manager
Adi Turjeman is an investment manager with over 14 years of experience in capital markets and investments. He holds a B.A. in Business Management and an M.A. in Political Science Strategies and Security
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Matan Shaki
Matan ShakiInvestment Operations Manager for Portfolio Management
Matan brings years of experience in portfolio management and banking operations after servicing a number of Israel’s largest investment houses. In his current position

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Yaniv Shlomo
Yaniv ShlomoPortfolio Manager
Yaniv Shlomo is an experienced Investment Manager with over 16 years of experience in Investment Management in the financial markets.
In his last position he was a Senior Advisor at Union Bank for private and corporate clients.

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Madlen Bormistrov
Madlen BormistrovCPA, Financial Controller
In her previous position, Madlen worked in Bank Leumi s private investment funds department, where she was fiduciary for managed fund portfolios and provided accounting services for the various funds. Madlen brings to Golden Bridge Fund her extensive experience in preparing financial statements
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Joseph Katz
Joseph KatzCredit Underwriting Analyst
Joseph Katz brings with him a wide range of real estate experience. After working in PR and government, he joined a startup focused on modernizing the CMBS providing him with a deep foundation of the real estate debt market, specifically on the East Coast of the United States.
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Karina Kuliyev
Karina Kuliyev
Karina brings years of experience in the field of pension asset management, most previously at the one of the leading investment houses in Israel. There she oversaw one of the back-office teams working simultaneously with other large investment houses, family offices, insurance brokerages and banks.
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Moran Oliver Shaked
Moran Oliver ShakedController
Previously, she oversaw the management of hedge fund portfolios at Apex-Israel (formerly Tzur Management) and provided accounting and administration services to those funds.
Moran has expertise in financial reporting, monthly fund valuation and

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Sivan Samara
Sivan SamaraOperations Manager
Sivan brings with her vast experience in fund operations. At her last position, with one of the largest and oldest hedge funds in Israel, she was responsible for the simultaneous operation of seven different funds, a number of which were in the start-up phase.

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