Alternative Financial Solutions

Golden Bridge is the first ever Israeli open-end fund specifically focused on bridge loans for New York City real estate properties; with first lien, on the underlying property as collateral, and with a loan to value (LTV) that will allow investors maximum security.

Why should I consider alternative investments?

Today, most investments are traditional investments. Traditional investments usually cover three types of assets: stocks, bonds and cash.

However, diversification solely within these that was the case in the past. This has increased the need to include alternative investments.

Alternative investments are gaining momentum, both among investment managers and among our clients. These investments are a means to increase diversity in the investment portfolio, to reduce volatility and to address the need to maximize yield in a low to negative interest rate environment in Israel and in many developed countries around the world.


Commercial banks around the world have reduced significantly their funding sources for private clients and corporations, due to requirements of central banks to increase capital requirements and the tightening of bank lending conditions. In light of this new environment, there has been a growing market for large non-bank credit and efficient private and corporate loans. Golden Bridge Fund seeks to take advantage of benefit from this change in the real estate sector loans sector while maintaining a high level of security and very low volatility.

 Fund Benefits

  • Real estate assets pledged (first lien) as collateral to the fund’s investors
  • The assets are located among one of the highest demand areas globally
  • Investments are monitored by a leading global accounting firm
  • Opportunity to invest in the world’s strongest economy
  • The fund will seek to generate an attractive fixed interest rate while expecting to maintain  very low volatility
  • The fund’s returns are independent of  the performance of the capital markets
  • Fund income does is not impacted by changes in real estate prices
  • The fund is diversified across many different borrowers and properties