New Horizons Financial Solutions Mission

To identify new immigrants’  needs and issues in order to assist in facilitate their successful absorption  by providing superior financial, investment and tax advice in their native language . To address special needs of HNW families.

What is New Horizons Financial Solutions?

New Horizons Financial Solutions is a Tandem Capital Asset Management – Mualem Glezer Inbar Junio & Co. joint venture (see Appendix A for company profiles). The joint venture has been established to offer expertise in the areas outlined in this project proposal. Its main function is to address the needs of new immigrants through a broad range of solutions. A contact center will be established which will commence a process designed to understand the new immigrant family’s needs. Multi-disciplined specialists will be brought together to review immigrants’ situations through a holistic approach and then generating tailor made recommendations.

 The Situation

 Upon arriving in Israel, or preparing to move to Israel, new immigrants reviewing their financial affairs are challenged to understand Israeli financial institutions and system which are in many ways different from those in their home countries. In addition, their local tax advisers, in most cases, are not competent to advice on cross border tax and estate planning as well as issues relating only to relevant Israeli laws. New immigrants typically find the abundance of information on these matters multilayered and overwhelming and may not be able to identify entities with the highest level of competency, integrity and cultural sensitivity to their new situation.

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