Asset Management In Currency

Tandem Capital’s discretionary asset management is designed for clients wishing to maximize our full array of portfolio management services while giving us the mandate to make investment decisions on your behalf; managing your assets in an agreed upon manner and style. Each portfolio is personally tailored to meet our client’s unique needs and objectives.

Tandem Capital offers its clients a high level of service, confidentiality and protection through working with carefully selected local and offshore custodial banks.You may instruct to have the account titled by your personal name, corporation or through a trust. Client assets are protected in several ways; the account is always fully owned by you (the client), the management agreement with our firm authorizes limited third party power of attorney (meaning authorization only to buy and sell in the account- not to transfer money) and our professional indemnity insurance offers you greater peace of mind.

Tandem Capital’s management style is to achieve optimal returns based on the your risk considerations. Protection of client capital is central to our risk management doctrine. Our seasoned management team strives to achieve and maintain superior capability and performance through the utilization of advanced research tools, high quality systems and products accessed through our strategic partners.

Investment Philosophy

Broad Mutual Fund Allocation Through Open Architecture

Investment Strategy

Tandem Capital's core strategy is its asset allocation policy.

Investment Selection Process

Tandem Capital's investment selection process is a comprehensive and structured approach, executed by highly experienced professionals.

Recipe for success

Today more than ever, access to quality tools and continuous monitoring are the main criteria for success. Tandem Capital’s expertise allows access to the best managers in the world, many of which are not available to the individual investor. This approach allows using Tandem Capital generate added value and investment portfolio while managing and selecting investment objective without conflict of interest.