Wealth Management

Tandem Capital provides High Net Worth (HNW) families wealth management and wealth succession services. Our HNW clients’ complex and financial and estate planning issues require a broad range of expertise and services to address these issues.Our dedicated independent Investment Analysis & Planning (IAP) team, consisting of top experts from relevant disciplines, provides specialized services to our HNW families. We seek to understand our HNW clients’ needs and desires. A comprehensive strategy is developed resulting in the alignment of the investment portfolio with the family strategy.
Our services include:
Cross border wealth succession planning – designing portfolios to provide cross border tax efficiency plans
Estate & investments tax planning – creating strategies to address complex cross border estate & investment tax issues
Offshore & domestic trust structuring & fees analysis– identifying suitable trust companies and negotiating trustee fees. Wills – advising clients on key considerations for creating a will
Retirement planning– assisting our clients in portfolio income planning to answer their retirement needs
Charitable giving strategies – designing an efficient tax planning as it relates to the philanthropic interest of our clients
Cash flow analysis – gearing investment selection to address our clients’ cash flow requirements
Global Asset Allocation – managing a dynamic model for global diversification of investments through country, regional and asset class allocation.
Portfolio Optimization – analyzing client risk profile in order to construct an investment portfolio seeking to provide optimal returns on a risk adjusted basis
Open Architecture Investment Selection – utilizing a sophisticated objective screening system to select leading fund managers with different investment styles and approaches spanning various asset classes and global areas