Opening Accounts

In order to open an account you should contact us at +972-3-611-4626 and to arrange a preliminary meeting. Your financial goals and needs, as well as risk tolerance will be identified. Based on these understandings, an investment plan for your portfolio’s composition will be created.

The next step will be for you to open a separate bank account in Israel or overseas (according to the instruction of the banks’ supervisor, you should have a dedicated account for portfolio management). You can not use an existing account in Israel, but you can, however, use an existing offshore account. Tandem Capital has agreements with several overseas banks, which enable its clients to open an account through Tandem Capital eliminating the need to travel abroad. These agreements also have the added benefit of lowering the client’s costs

Upon opening an account, you will sign a Tandem Capital client portfolio management agreement and a limited power of attorney with the selected bank.

Your money assets will be transferred to your new managed bank account. Only you will have the authority to withdraw funds/ assets from this account. Tandem Capital will be authorized to manage the portfolio in your account through buying & selling orders for securities and foreign currencies, subject to our agreement.