IAP Services

Our Investment Analysis & Planning Services are geared for clients who manage their own portfolios but seek to benefit from the professional Analysis & Planning and expertise of our portfolio managers. These services are provided to institutional, corporate and ultra high net worth clients.

The first stage of the Investment Analysis & Planning service is the personal interview. In this meeting, the client identifies all the considerations relevant to managing the portfolio. After meeting, Tandem Capital assesses the client’s needs, objectives and risk tolerance. Subsequently, the client receives an initial analysis including strategic & tactical asset allocation recommendations for the investment portfolio.

The next stage is identifying the appropriate investment structures and assisting in the selection of the investments through our unique Open Architecture approach and research process (Investment Selection Process). Our experienced team of professionals will help you design your investment policy based on the market environment. You will then receive our final Analysis & Planning proposal. The final decision to implement will remain yours.The final aspect of our Investment Analysis & Planning service is the active monitoring of your portfolio to replace, or add specific investments or change your asset allocation composition.