Tandem Capital-Your Local Partner

Providing Institutional Investor Services Since 2002

Tandem Capital is an ISA licensed Investment Portfolio Management Company. This provides a layer of legal comfort in working with Tandem Capital as your Placement Agent/Distributor.


Our Partner/Distributor relationship includes:

Our Approach to The Market

As a global investment portfolio manager itself; Tandem Capital well understands each institutional investor’s unique investment considerations and parameters. We view institutional sales as a service driven process which is facilitated through our extensive relationships with the global investment teams at each institution.

We provide a multi-layered marketing and sales planning geared for branding our strategic partner’s family of products for Israel’s institutional investor market.

Who Are Our Clients?

Pension Funds

Insurance Companies

Provident Funds

Government Entities

University Endowments

Bank Treasury Departments

Portfolio Management Companies

Family Offices



Product Selection

We identify our Partners’ investments likely to be of investor interest based on; the fund’s strategy, size, history, track record, alpha, relative peer group performance, etc.

We consult with our Partners to determine which investments to focus on for market penetration/fund raising efforts.



Road Shows

An important cornerstone of raising capital is our preparing for and organizing Portfolio Manager Roadshows to present in front of our institutional investors.


Want to know more?


Aaron Leitner / Deputy CEO-Partner

Head of Institutional Services


Cellular: +972545235358

Office:    +97236114626